Essay on New York Operates The Country 's Largest Recycling Program

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We all agree that recycling is vital. As we consume more and more of the world 's resources, and as our landfills become clogged with more and more garbage, recycling becomes key to preserving our environment. New York operates the country 's largest recycling program. But the sad truth is that this recycling program, though extensive, may not be economical. At one time, New York reported that it cost $300 a ton to collect plastic, but the city only netted $10 a ton when it sold it for recycling. Many old newspapers were being shipped to Taiwan and Korea, where trees are scarce but where recyclers were buying the newspapers for much less than New York 's shipping bills. The only recycled product that paid its way was aluminum, which is expensive to make from scratch. These problems are not unique to New York. The supply of trash to be recycled is growing faster than the demand for it. One solution is closed-loop recycling, in which companies create their own markets for their own recycled trash. Another suggestion is that the government should regulate a nationwide program by requiring a minimum level of recycling from all companies. Alternatively, the government could serve as a "matchmaker" to bring creators and users of recycled products together. For instance, in Taiwan, companies that make plastic products have pledged to buy up all of the recycled plastic and convert it into different products.
Almost everyone agrees that the current recycling system in New York City…

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