New York And Chicago Vs Chicago Essay

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New York and Chicago are two of the United States biggest cities. The two cities are extremely diverse and rich in history. Residents of New York and Chicago share similar values and living habits. New York City and Chicago are the most infamous American cities and for that reason they have many great attractions. Although there are many similarities, New York City and Chicago share many differences also.
Robert De Niro Once said, “ I go to Paris, I go to London, I go to Rome, and I always remember, there’s no place like New York. It 's the most exciting city in the world now. That 's the way it is. That’s it.” New York City is the United State’s biggest and most notable city. The Warwick Hotel in a luxurious hotel in New York City Located near Manhattan. The Warrick has hosted many famous guests such as Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, and The Beatles. Moving throughout New York can be a hassle, so most people ride the subways or take cabs. New Yorkers are very passionate about their sports teams. New York is home to the Yankees, Islanders, Knicks, and even more professional sports teams. The legendary New York Knicks play at the Madison Square Garden arena. Madison Square Garden is located on the vibrant borough of Manhattan. The City of New York is divided into five boroughs. Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Manhattan is full of museums, fine dining restaurants, and breathtaking views.The Bronx is where Hip Hop was created, and home to America’s…

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