New School At The City Of Minneapolis Essay

1583 Words Dec 9th, 2016 7 Pages
Last summer I worked as intern at the City of Minneapolis. Some memories I have from this experience include eating authentic tacos from the food trucks in the scorching sun. Standing in long queue for the greasy bacon burger and lunch social gatherings over chinese food to name a few. I ate like never before that by the end of the summer all the mouth watering food had converted into 10 pounds of unwanted weight. The hopes of eating healthier and making better choices vanished like empty calories.
The beginning of a new school year was the perfect time to make goals and see them through. To reach my long term goal of healthy eating and living, I set some shorter term ones which included eating out less, cooking more, and quit drinking beer. Fortunately, living off campus and having no meal plan puts me on the right track for achieving my goals without excuses. To start off my goal of healthy eating I wanted to jump start it by doing a juice fast. Juicing is an alternative way of consuming vegetables and fruits. When juicing, it is recommended that there should be around 85% of vegetables like spinach, kale, cucumber and about 10 to 15% of fruits. I decided to do a week long juice fast, where all I consume is juice. The juicing would be a cleanse from my unhealthy eating and hopefully get me thinking about changing my eating habits and behaviors. While prepping for the juice fast, I discovered that the process of juicing removes pulp and fiber from the vegetables, which…

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