Essay about New Products And Services Of Apple

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STRATEGIC ALTERNATIVE 2 During the past few years, there has been a sense of absenteeism for Apple’s when it comes to introducing new products and services. Presently, they have introduced the Apple Watch and Apple Pay, but those products and services have not had the same impact as the iPod or the iPhone at the time they were introduce. To sum up, there has been a lack of game changing products and services from Apple. For instance, Apple was not the only company introducing a smart watch or a new payment system. In fact, many other companies have released similar products such as Samsung Gear and Google Pay. What made Apple different from the rest is the fact that it delivered products that people did not need at that time, but eventually those products were turned into a necessity. For example, the when the iPhone was released, there was not a “need” for people to own a touchscreen cell phone. But, thanks to genius marketing campaigns, it turned into a necessity for many people. Apple should exploit the internal strength that it possesses when referring to innovation. As an illustration, products like the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone, and iTunes are products that have generated a great level of success for the company. In addition, Apple needs to increase or improve the current pace of innovation in order to sustain its competitive advantage in innovation. Recently, it was known that the company is working towards entering the automobile industry. But, other companies…

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