New Country, New Life Essay example

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New Country, New Life
Growing up in Pakistan, I was more concentrated on school and being happy. I went to MQ Foundation high school in Lahore, Pakistan and my childhood mostly consisted of having manners, being ladylike and doing well in school, obviously. I was surrounded by more friends in Pakistan, than in America. My parents did not have to worry about what food restrictions I had because the culture was the same. I went to my friend’s house or invited them over to mine and did karate after school. In addition, the school was very modest. All the students had to wear uniforms. Young children had to wear yellow "Frock”, which represented the school colors, with white leggings and black sandals. The older girls had to wear shalwar kameez, yellow and white with a shawl. One time, there was a school play going on about snow white and the seven dwarfs, and I was first selected to play Snow White, because I had a short black bob at that time. But the teachers change their mind and said my skin was a little dark to play the role, so they picked one of my close friend, which I did not mind. Plus, I didn’t go to the show after because we had to go to my grandparents’ house over the weekend which we usually did. My nanaboo and nano lived in Shad Bagh, Lahore. My nano has type 2 diabetes. She usually is very weak, has blurred vision, numbness in her hands or feet, and slow healing of wounds. My mama always had to go their house because her other sisters lived far away and her…

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