Essay New Belgium Brewing And Corporate Social Responsibility

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New Belgium Brewing has been one of the more socially responsible brewing companies in the world as exemplified by the award given by the Business Ethics Magazine. They have been focused on both profitability and responsibility ever since the inception in 1991 by using the triple bottom line approach. The triple bottom line approach looks at business through economic, social, and environmental aspects and this influenced the core values that the company follows to date. New Belgium Brewing has been able to be socially responsible through major efforts with employee initiatives, renewable energy, and recycling.
New Belgium vs. AB InBev Aside from New Belgium, AB InBev is another company that has been making major strides in corporate social responsibility. New Belgium, with the help of its employees, has been reducing emissions by providing employees with a bike after a year of employment, recycling center, and incentives to volunteer. AB InBev is more driven towards educating employees about responsible selling and drinking as well as having incentives to encourage employees to volunteer. AB InBev also uses recycled material for packaging and replaced diesel tractors with gas tractors in order reduce emissions. Also, both breweries have been involved in using renewable energy wherever they can in their process of making beer. For example, New Belgium captures the steam created by one process to pre heat the next process to save some energy. They are also very focused on…

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