New Belgium Brewery Case Analysis

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The values of the New Belgium Brewing Company include quality, responsibility, and the concern for society. This company is committed to producing world class beers while minimizing resource consumption, maximizing energy efficiency and focusing on recycling. New Belgium Brewing maximizes their sustainability through their conservation of water, efficient company installations, recycling of production materials, and their many uses of philanthropy. New Belgium Brewing Company is highly valued by their community, employees and outside organizations. New Belgium Brewing Company has been voted “Best Place to Work” by Outside Magazine in 2008, and in 2010 received the Conservation Hero Award from the Colorado Environmental Coalition (New Belgium …show more content…
One use of recycling is through their steam condenser. The steam condenser captures and reuses the hot water that boils the barley and hops in the production process to start the next brew, which cuts down the company’s use of water (New Belgium Brewing Company, (2016). The company also has a system to capture its waste water and extract methane from it. This methane provides up to fifteen percent of the brewery’s power needs. Extracting the methane from the water doesn’t just help the company, but it helps the environment as well. Methane is considered one of the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. The greenhouse gases help warm the environment, which is important for our inhabitance. However, if the amount of methane in the atmosphere is too large, the steadily increase of temperature could end up being harmful to the living organisms (Understanding Global Warming Potentials, 2016). Thus, the use of methane extraction and burning it as a fuel is not just benefiting the company, but the whole world as well. Another way the company utilizes recycling methods is through the design of their packaging. The company has worked with paperboard suppliers to double the recycled content in their 12 pack and 24 pack. The 12 packs consist of 44% of recycled material, and the 24 packs consist of 88% recycled materials (New Belgium Brewing Company Inc., 2011). All of the company’s other cardboard packaging consists of 100% recycled

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