New Beginning Essay

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A New Beginning

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BUSM 4120 Organizations and Change
October 5, 2014

“Founded in 1975, Second Cup is Canada's largest specialty coffee franchisor, operating more than 350 cafés across the country. As a proudly Canadian company, Second Cup celebrates its franchise's local ownership, and prioritizes the support of local businesses through daily deliveries from neighbourhood partners. Committed to caring for every guest, all 5,000 associates of Second Cup are Trusted Coffee Experts who sell 1,000,000 coffee and tea beverages every week1.” I have worked for second cup since March 2012 until August
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One of the reasons that led to this change was that second cup wasn’t growing as fast as their competition and new competition was entering the market. For example at BC Children’s hospital there was a Second Cup, Starbucks, Tim Horton’s , and Bean Around the World. They were all two to five minutes away from each other.
I believe this change was planned since Doug Fisher says: “Stacey [previous CEO of Second Cup] has been maintaining the business, but I don’t know that she really had proper direction and board support 4.” Second Cup had 350 locations and closed 12 because of poor performance and profits were dropping drastically.
Managers and employees were resisting change and I believe they were afraid of it because of the following: 1-Loss of Job: afraid of streamlining, 2- Bad Communication Strategy: they didn’t communicate the what, why, how, when, who and what success will look like, 3-Shock and Fear of the Unknown: afraid of change and the unknown, 4- Loss of Control: changing the way they operate makes them feel confused and powerless, 5- Lack of Competence: can’t adapt to new transition, 6- Poor timing, 7- Lack of Reward: nothing in it for them in the long run , 8- Office Politics: goal is to see the change fail, 9-Loss of Support System: changing organizational structure may shake

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