Network Security Plan Essay

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The survey conducted of Corporation Tech existing hosts, while using NetWitness Investigator found that the company does not have a properly configured DMZ which exposes an organizations external services to the internet. Adding an additional layer to the security LAN will help the organization against any outside hackers. Another issue found was that the company did not have secure remote access to their computers while away from the organization. Granting access on a per-user basis only to those who have a bona fide need to access the network remotely. Implementing a remote access to the organizations computers while keeping it secure via firewalls and VPN server will ensure protection from outside intruders. I recommend that …show more content…
The objectives of the Team would be as follows: * Ensure that incidents are detected as soon as possible and properly reported * Ensure that incidents are handled by appropriate authorized personnel with ‘skilled’ backup as required * Ensure that incidents are properly recorded and documented * Ensure that all evidence is gathered, recorded and maintained in a form that will withstand internal and external scrutiny * Ensure that the full extent and implications relating to an incident are understood * Ensure that incidents are dealt with in a timely manner and service(s) restored as soon as practical * Ensure that similar incidents do not re occur * Ensure that any weaknesses in procedures or Policies are identified and addressed Core Team members
The actual number of permanent staff, dedicated to Corporation Tech, would depend on their staffing priorities and available budget. It is recommended that the new permanent staff posts be assigned to the Computing Service department and based within one of the existing central support teams. Additional central support team resources would be drawn from the following: * Network team - at least 2 members * Central team – at least 2 members
The primary responsibilities of the Core team would be to maintain the day to day operation; provide advice, monitor for incident alerts and reports, manage incident

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