Essay about Network Intrusion And Its Effects On An Organization

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Network intrusion takes place when an outside entity gains access to a prohibited network without authorization. A secure computer or network system should provide data confidentiality, data and communication integrity and assurance from a denial of service attack (Mukherjee, Heberlein, & Levitt., 1994, p.28). Network intrusion can have huge effects on an organization as data can be stolen, modified or erased, and equipment or programming can be harmed or annihilated. Organization in the public and private sector are constantly in the media for security breach, Companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot , TJ Maxx and recently the Federal Office of Personal Management have all been breach. In a case presented by Johnston and Reust provides a scenario of an intrusion on a Network incident involving the compromise of confidential data. In 2005, fifty computers of an organization was compromise. Some of these units had private confidential information. An internal investigation was underway to determine how the compromised data could had taken place and the method the intruders might have taken. The result’s of the investigation revealed the data could have been compromise. Test show no evidence of any activity. The actions of the incident was handle by an internal group as well as private firm. The Organization IT Security staff responded to the threat initially. They follow the proper guide lines and procedure for handling such an event. Once the…

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