Essay on Nestle Marketing Plan

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Product: Nestle Pure Life
Company: Nestle


Product: Nestle Pure Life 1
Company: Nestle 1
Nestle - Company Overview 4
Nestle Waters – A subsidiary 5
Nestle Pure Life – The Product 6
Segmentation 7
Target Market 7
Main Competitors – Competitive Analysis 8
Weaknesses 10
Opportunities 10
Threats 10
Main Customers – Customers Analysis 11
Core Competency 12
Apparent Marketing Strategy 13
Recommendations for Strategy Re-vamp 15
Bibliography 17

Nestle - Company Overview
“Good Food, Good Life” – Nestlé is today world’s leading health, nutrition and wellness company (Nestle, 2012). Nestlé’s mission is to provide the best tasting
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The other is Dasani which is bottled by Coca Cola Company.
Pepsi’s Aquafina’s purification of water involves the processes of charcoal filtration and reverse osmosis. In an effort to have a competitive edge in the market they have extended their brand to include six different varieties of fruit flavored flat water and two varieties of carbonated water that are also fruit flavored. Pepsi’s Aquafina water is also available in different countries with different brand names. Pepsi has been striving hard to penetrate Nestle Pure Life’s market with different strategies (Hanson, 2012).
On the other hand, Coca Cola’s Dasani process their water through reverse osmosis process, but once the contaminated or other materials are removed they add special blend minerals to their water which gives its characteristic crisp flavor. They have other flavored brands but the company has limited itself to four different flavors. Coca Cola’s bottle water is present in different countries with different brand names i.e. Kinley water etc.
Although Nestle Waters bottles their product in polyethylene terephthalate (PET), this material is 100% recyclable and does not have BPA (Bi-Sphenol A) which is known to be organic compound used to make polycarbonate plastic. This has been declared as toxic. In addition their bottles are an average of 30% lighter.
Nestle waters has so many brands that they can accommodate even the most demanding customer. The line of Nestle Pure Life has

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