Essay on Nest Learning Thermostat

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August 17, 2012

Executive Summary
Economic turmoil has influenced a society where saving money is a top priority for every household. It is estimated that over 50 percent of a household energy bill is derived from the heating and cooling system; however, cutting edge technology has produced a heating and cooling system that can improve efficiency and result in a cost reduction in the overall household energy bill. Nest Labs, Inc. believes they have a solution with respect to energy and money conservation. The value proposition of the Nest Learning Thermostat states it can improve efficiency and reduce household energy bills up to twenty percent (Nest, 2012). After analyzing the various elements of marketing and their influences, it
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The manual Away mode is to ensure the activity sensors do not pick up movement from things such as animals or neighbors tending to the home, which could re-activate the heating and cooling systems (Teaching Nest, 2011).
Airwave automatically turns off the heating or cooling a few minutes early when humidity in the home is low (Haque, 2012), but allows the fan to continue running so the air stays at the correct temperature while the unit runs up to thirty percent less. This is possible through the Nest Learning Thermostat’s humidity sensors, which detect when conditions are acceptable for energy saving (Meet Airwave, 2012).
Other features include computer web applications and mobile applications for iPhones and Android Smart Phones to access energy savings reports, adjust temperatures in homes and ensure all systems are in the same mode (Mlot, 2012). Multiple thermostats in one home and up to two homes overall can be controlled under one Nest Account (Teaching Nest, 2011). Place The Nest Learning Thermostat can be purchased from the official Nest website,, the Apple Store, most Lowe’s Hardware stores, as well as some Best Buy and local retailing stores. Product can be shipped directly to the household via FedEx or UPS dependent upon the retailer you choose. Nest now ships to Canada as well (Nest, 2012).
Standard pricing for the Nest Learning Thermostat is $249.00. Installation fees of $119.00 for the first unit

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