Nelson Mandela 's Perspective On Human Rights Essay

1365 Words Mar 10th, 2015 null Page
Nelson Mandela’s perspective to ensure the approach of human’s privileges: “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” Our society enhances LGBTT’s as a different subpopulation whereas they should be treated just as equally to someone being straight, through history they fought to gain rights in the legislation. Despite bearing some minor differences, LGBTT community experience distinctive emotions and transitions but also endure similar social conflicts through anti-oppression and multicultural approach. In contrast, LGBTT’s experience an ongoing process that result in a challenging lifestyle that affects their daily basis with the lack of awareness within the community that generates into social conflicts. As a result, LGBTT’s are a community that includes a group of people that persuade their lifestyle with acceptance, and seek for social justice within the international level. While LGBTT’s convey their difference of each person within that category to specify their sensations and modifications to gain their lives in a positive environment, this community creates a relationship to be recognized in a positive way but proceeds into a negative act through the individuals due to the refusal society. However, whereas the destructive effects when each or one is deprived of their recognition, can be comparable to a multicultural and anti-oppression approach which is shaped within the LGBTT community. LGBTT subcultures are present all around the…

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