Negotiation Essay

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Negotiations occur more often in our lives than we think they do. Whether it a major negotiation on how to divide property or resources to how much one is willing to pay for a purchase, negotiation is part of the process to come to an agreement. Sometimes people don’t realize that certain situations can be negotiated and fail to do so. I’ve learned that everything in life is negotiable and one doesn’t have to settle for the first initial offer.
Negotiation isn’t always a win-lose situation it can be a win-win situation where both parties can both find a suitable solution to a difficult problem and can be creative where solutions also can be invented to meet intentions of the parties involved. When negotiations are dependable on both
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The company had a pay system of salary pay only for managers. I worked at that location for six months and did not receive a raise when I was transferred to the new location. I believed that I had proven my worth to the company and because I was transferred to a much larger store I should be compensated accordingly. I was required to work a 45-hour work week on a salary not hourly wage and my job required a great deal of sacrifice on my part to run a successful store. I thought that it was time for a discussion regarding increasing my salary. I contact my district manager to set up a meeting with her to discuss my salary. Before the meeting I knew I had to be prepared to show her factual information to support my request. I gathered my stores figures from the prior years, my employee files, my own personal business plan for future goals, and information on the several recruits from the year that I had been solicited to me. We met at my store location one-on-one to discuss my concerns. During the meeting we discussed about our families and how the store was performing. I had worked with my district manager for a year and had a good relationship with her. During the conversation I brought up my desire for a higher salary. I explained my thought process and how I had enjoyed working for the company, but it had required a great deal of sacrifice from my part that was understandable but did not meet my financial responsibilities.

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