Negotiation Essay

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The Art of Negotiation
Goals & Objectives:
To list examples that require successful negotiating skills in your personal and professional life To explain the elements of successful negotiation
To describe the barriers to successful negotiation

Elements of Successful Negotiation
Preparation Goals
Preparation Limits
Communication Skills
Active Listening
Body Language
Emotional Control
Final Negotiations – Closing the Deal
Final Tips
Traits of a Great Negotiator
Successful Techniques
Unsuccessful Techniques

The Art of Negotiation
Successful negotiation is an art form that comes naturally to some, but must be learned by most.
This module will discuss skills necessary
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Negotiating with children is a unique challenge to assure completion of homework, returning home at the appointed hour, permission to participate in extracurricular activities or the latest haircut or color.
Whether we’re building support or overcoming resistance, we’re negotiating.
Exercise #1: List two examples where negotiation skills might be required in your professional life.
1. _________________________________________________________
2. _________________________________________________________

Elements of Successful Negotiation
Preparation is the single most important element to a successful outcome. Preparation includes identifying the intended goal as well as setting limits to achieve that goal.
Effective Communication Skills
Effective communication plays a fundamental role in any interaction and is essential to successful negotiations. Effective communication skills include: the ability to listen and understand the intended message of the sender, clearly expressing your own thoughts and ideas in a way that is easily followed and understood by others, and finally, accurately interpreting the messages expressed through body language.

Emotional Control

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