Negotiation Planning Essay

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Planning for Rapid & Scott Negotiation In any negotiation, preparation is crucial; and having a set, outlined process to follow when preparing helps mitigate a potential oversight of any significant issues within the negotiation. Following a set process also helps one stay on task and in-line with what the important issues and factors are in a negotiation. In Bargaining for Advantage, G. Richard Shell provides a well-structured framework to follow in planning for a negotiation. For this reason, I used Shell’s negotiation preparation framework to plan for the negotiation between Rapid Printing Company (Rapid) and Scott Computers, Inc (Scott). The first step to prepare for my negotiation is to outline the actual problem. While at …show more content…
Once they acquire an application program, payments will resume as normal (See Appendix A) Our bottom line in this case is to settle and cut our losses. Rather than going through with the trial with little upside and paying $50,000 in legal fees, we will allow Rapid to breach the contract if they agree to make all outstanding payments, remove all our operating programs from their systems, and return all hardware. While this is not ideal, and we will still incur a loss, the loss will not be nearly as great as if we have to spend $50,000 in legal fees for a case in which we never realize any settlement compensation because of Rapid filing for bankruptcy. The most negative effect this solution will have will be on our reputation with other clients. In this case, the target decision-maker is the President and Chairman of Rapid, B.R. Brown. For this reason, we decided to forego meeting with any lawyers and requested to meet with B.R. Brown directly. This will help to not only avoid any ambiguity in reaching an agreement, but it will also help establish a better relationship with B.R. Brown and Rapid. Potential influencers to B.R. Brown will be his lawyers, consultants, Dee Williams, and program operators. We already decided to avoid negotiating with the lawyers and go straight to Brown. However, we may want to look more into talking with Rapid’s program operators in order to get

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