Essay on Negotiation Class

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Chapter 1 :
Négotiation the mind and heart

First book in negotiation: 1991

Why should negotiation be a core management competency?

1. Dynamic nature of business 2. Interdependence Power is the extend to which person A is dependant on person B.
Who have the power? Depends on the needs * Unsubstituable * Important * Scarce: rare 3. Economic forces Because of the economic crisis and the problem of unemployment it’s important to know how to negotiate more than before. 4. Information technology we are connected al the time 5. Globalization * We negotiate everyday with everybody * Dynamic nature of business: we move position all of the
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Considering the other party’s situation 2. Planning a concrete strategy before negotiating 3. Beginning with a positive overture 4. Addressing problems, not personalities 5. Maintaining a rational, goal –oriented frame of mind 6. Not taking initial offers very seriously 7. Emphasizing win-win solutions 8. Insisting on using objective criteria

Chapter 3: Distributive negotiation : silling the pie
Steve primer reading
80% of the time we are in the XXXX way of thinking cimbic system
How to present in a convincing way?
Pay attention to the hook XXX watching a dvd

Write down all the hooks: * Questions * Interesting information * Story * Cliff hangers
1) More or less options 2) Gain less or more powerful 3) New information: before after 4) Weaknesses: early/ late? 5)

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