Negotiation and Person Essay

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Negotiation is a basic generic human activity. The world is a giant negotiating table such that a person can negotiate many different things in many different situations. Negotiations can occur over labor relations, buying purchases, salaries, strikes, international affairs such as war and freeing hostages as well as family issues such as divorce, child custody and even who gets the car keys.

There are two common characteristics of a negotiation or bargaining situation. The first characteristic is that all negotiations have conflict inherently in them. Negotiating parties have separate but conflicting interests. For example, a car salesman wants to sell a car at the highest price possible. All while the buyer wants to pay as little as
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Intangibles include psychological factors that are important such as the need to for power, prestige, status and admiration. It is important for negotiators to realize they need to strike a balance between these two factors or the negotiation will not have a successful outcome (Cohen, Herb (1980).

All negotiators have their own style. Style comes from basic emotional needs, economic needs, role models and values that affect a person's conduct. While a person may not fit into an exact category, a good negotiator will look at the other party's central tendencies and try to work with that person's negotiating style. One type of negotiating style is the jungle fighter. This person looks upon negotiations as a cross between a war and a game. They love to negotiate and will even create additional conflict. These people can be creative, ambitious and charismatic. However in a negotiation, they may be disloyal, aggressive and combative (Shoonmaker, Alan (1989).

The second style is the dictator. This person is obsessed with control and acquisition. They don't like to negotiate; they prefer just telling the other party what to do. In a negotiation their emphasis is on power and logic. Dictators are assertive, organized and analytical. They can also be intimidating and judgmental in a negotiation. The silhouette style fears intimacy. This type of person is like a shadow. They will often focus strictly

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