Negotiation Analysis Form Alpha Beta Essay

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Negotiation Summary/Analysis Form

1. The Problem: What is the problem that must be solved in this negotiation?
Beta’s , Inc., a robotic manufacturing company had a preliminary discussion with Alpha Inc. about a possible licensing arrangement. In this discussion, the companies agreed to be in a relationship for 5 years, Alpha, Inc. will receive fully assembled Robots from Beta’s In. and will sell under Alpha, Inc.’s name, companies will have a technology exchange, and the agreement will be nonexclusive. In this negotiation the four issues that need to be decided are 1)the number of different models to provide to Alpha, Inc., 2) the number of Beta, Inc. units to be imported by Alpha each year,3) the matter of technology sharing, and
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Most importantly, they want to obtain the artificial vision technology to explore new markets for universal robots. The Beta team feels they can meet these strategic objectives if they build a good working

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