Negotiating Ethical Practice In Adult Education Summary

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Book Review: Negotiating Ethical Practice in Adult Education

Elizabeth J. Burge has compiled articles related to ethical practice in adult education. The compilation begins with the philosophical attributes of ethical thinking and design. It continues with a literature review of ethics. There are four entries of applied ethics in adult education. Finally, there is a reflection on the nature of the four application entries. In Burge’s final thoughts, she discusses her beliefs on ethical practice. In this way, she draws all of the writings together to produce a conclusion regarding the dynamic, contextual nature of ethics in adult education.
Book Review
Burge begins her compilation with an article regarding the philosophical inquiry
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Questions arise regarding the necessity, responsibility and/or requirements for a code of ethics in adult education, and further questions arise regarding the professionalization of adult education. Sork describes numerous ethical codes previously implemented throughout history. For example, he discusses the impact a code of ethics could have had on the history of practice in psychology, had it been in place from the beginning. Additionally, he questions the premise that the field of adult education is “inherently virtuous and/or morally harmless” (Sork, 2009, p. …show more content…
87). She finalizes her thoughts with six lessons regarding ethical principles. First, she suggests a formation of principles for ethical behavior. Next, her suggestion is to develop a personal model to investigate ones own value system. Thirdly, develop questions that “reset” established principles to bring about balance. Fourth, think critically. Fifth, think broadly enough in a situation to identify all of the minefields. Finally, determine how values fit into the larger model (Burge, 2009a, pp. 88–90). All are necessary to understand in order to fully appreciate the ever-changing, dynamic, contextual nature of ethical decision

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