Negative Social Impact Of Information Communication Technology

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Negative Social Impacts of Information-Communication Technology
Information-communication technology (ICT) has mostly been beneficial for society making life significantly easier people with access to the technology. Unfortunately there have been some major problems that have arisen as a result of the developing technology. There have been cases of people being harassed online to the point of suicide, people significantly lowering their chance of getting a job and people having their internet banking and other important internet based applications hacked.

Case 1: Bank hackers stealing millions through the use of malware
From late 2013 until early 2015, hackers had been stealing money from over 100 banks in over 30 countries. They stole between $300 million and $900 million from the banks without anybody noticing. This was one of the largest bank robberies in the world so the nature of the attack was very serious. Most of the money was taken from Russia, but a significant amount was also taken from Japan, the United States and European countries.
The issue began when the hackers emailed different bank’s employees pretending to be a colleague with a news article containing a link to malicious software. They clicked on these links, which downloaded the malicious code onto their computers. When one computer had the malicious code, the hackers could then go through the bank network to find the employees who controlled the cash transfer systems and remotely controlled ATMs. When…

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