Negative Essay: The Benefits Of Legalized Marijuana

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Benefits of Legalized Marijuana One of the most controversial issues in today’s society is whether marijuana should be legalized. It has been on the ballot in Florida once already, however it failed. But in some states like Colorado and Washington they have already legalized it. With all the controversy around the substance, marijuana should be legalized nationally. Marijuana can provide an economic benefit to the ever deteriorating country. While providing another avenue of treat for individuals with medical problems. The United States is in a Drug War. A study from the Stanford Law & Policy Review found that fourteen billion dollars was spent in 2009 to fund the war (Street 232). Which is a good chunk of money to spend while the national debt continues to soar past nineteen trillion dollars. Another …show more content…
The Institution of Medicine has proven that marijuana can treat a variety of symptoms and illnesses (et al). Some of the symptoms that can be treated are “nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and pain” (et al). According to the Institution of Medicine there is a small population of people that prescription medicine has no effect on (et al). Those individuals should be able to be treated with marijuana. Then again, any individual who wants to be treated with the drug should be able to. Yes, marijuana does have its negative effects, one of them is smoking it. Smoking can lead to lung cancer According to the Institution of Medicine (et al). Nevertheless, when smoked, marijuana has a quick response time with the body leading to relief from the symptoms more rapidly (et al). Some parties believe that marijuana is a gateway drug to more hardcore drugs. However, the Institution of Medicine claims that there is no evidence that supports that argument (et al). To Say the least marijuana does have some bad to effects, but so does prescription drugs. It should be left up to the individual whether or not they want to partake in the

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