Negative Essay: Do Black Lives Matter?

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Do Black Lives Matter? Throughout centuries, blacks in America have been not only fighting for their freedom, but for their lives. In our society today, seeing a news headline of a black person brutally killed by authorities has become a common occurrence. Many of these tragic occurrences happened due to the misjudgement police officers have made towards black people. Misjudgments have arisen from constant media coverage displaying black individuals in an incorrect light. How can we change how black people are perceived in the United States? The Black Lives Matter movement was founded on Twitter originally as the “#BlackLivesMatter” hashtag. This hashtag blew up all throughout not only Twitter, but other social media sites as well (Ransby 31). This hashtag shines a light on the lives that were taken and that have not received enough or any media coverage. Since the consistency of these events were on an ongoing pace, Black Lives Matter supporters had no choice but to extend their voices outside of social media but to begin protesting to make people realize these issues are real and are still happening. In Russell Rickford’s academic journal, “Black Lives Matter,” specific protests have included cutting off main freeways, protesting in front of the White House, and more ( Rickford 37). Something just as small as a simple hashtag on …show more content…
William Wilson from the journal, “Black Youths, Joblessness, and the Other Side of Black Lives Matter,” has effectively correlated poverty in black communities and the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter movement supports the right to be safe in America, whereas in these poor black communities, people there tend to be the main targets of violence from police officers. “ 2008, poor blacks were far more likely to be violent crime victims – about seventy-five per 1,000 – while affluent

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