The Importance Of Black Lives

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Is black lives more important than any other race? No. This question appears in every discussion because black people are saying black lives matter. They ask because they think we’re just stating that because we matter most but in reality Black lives are more at risk than white and other lives. Black and Spanish lives are similar. We both struggle to survive and gain, just spanish people aren't dying everyday, being thrashed on social media, or being called out their name for the color of their skin or stereotypes.
All lives matter whether the color of your skin, hair, eyes or how smart and talented you are, every life matters. #BlackLivesMatter is broadcasted everywhere because we are hurt and fed up. Our life and the way we live should not be at jeopardy because of the way we look/ act or based on our financial status. Our sons, daughters, and other family members are being murdered based on their appearance.
#BlackLivesMatter is a trending topic because our population is decreasing at a constant rate. Many
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It's an international movement, that focuses on preventing violence towards black people, holding protests around the deaths of black people in killings by law enforcement officers, and broader issues of racial profiling, police brutality, and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system.
The meaning behind “Black Lives Matter should be a message that has some definite, powerful meaning — that every life has value, every child has worth, every man has purpose and every black has something worth gleaning.” (David L. Wilson Jr.) is powerful and deep. When we say Black lives matter, it's not to devalue anyone else life but to expand our thoughts and hearts, to elevate our minds. When some people look at us, They don't see beautiful, intelligent non threatening people. They see ugly on the inside and outside. We just want the same respect as others that you see good in or view as

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