Negative Effects Of Tourism On The Big Island Essay

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Negative Impacts of Tourism on the Big Island Hawai’i Island, Hawaii, otherwise known as the Big Island, is the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. The Big Island’s population was estimated to be 196,428 in 2015 (Census 2015). The number of tourists per year far exceeds the number of residents. In 2014, the number of tourists that visited the Big Island reached 1,445,939 (Big Island Now). With record setting highs in visitor numbers, the island must keep up with the continual demand for tourist resources and accommodations, because tourism is the leading economic sector in this county. With more and more people visiting the island, more change is in ensue. These changes in the community to accommodate tourism have had several impacts on the Big Island. This essay describes the numerous impacts that tourism has on the island. Topics to be further discuss include a description of the geography, types of popular tourist’s activities on the island, resource use by the tourism industry, and the negative impacts that the industry has on the environment, socio-economics, and the Native Hawaiian’s culture.
Geography of the Big Island The largest of the islands of Hawaii, the Big Island has an area of 4,038 miles and it is 62% of the state’s land cover (Big Island Travel Guide). The island is the most diverse of the five islands, with a wide range of natural environments, you could walk in snow or swim in the ocean all within the same day. The island has a diverse flora…

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