Social Media's Negative Effects On Self-Esteem

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Social media has taken over as the means to communicate with people in the past few years. As social media becomes more prominent in everyday life, it begins to affect students in the classroom. Social media can be viewed from a variety of different viewpoints, some argue that it is beneficial others may argue it is a distraction. From my personal experience I view social media as a tool that can be helpful, but when viewing its impact on high school students it can abused. I urge kids in high school to quit social media until they are better able to take advantage of it, social media can cause negative effects on one self-esteem. Social media may also become extremely time consuming and may cause a drop in grades. The benefits of social media …show more content…
As I mentioned earlier, I lost confidence in high school when I began using social media. A big reason why was what I saw on social media all these ads posted on social media of what one person is supposed to look like to be happy took its toll on me. It was a difficult time and only got better when I began to distance myself form those images. Media is a powerful tool that can influence young adults, and social media is no exception. Our bodies change a lot when we are young and we get exposed to all these images of what we are supposed to look like. When we do not look like those people in those images it affects our self-esteem and confidence. This is something that affects millions of teens all over the world. Struggling with self-esteem and confidence is a big problem at younger ages, it is an age where one is trying to find themselves just looking for a way to fit …show more content…
Being in high school, I did not realize how much grades really mattered until I started applying for college, being a student in college now I wished I had tried harder and cared more. Most scholarships are based on academic performance and getting scholarships help paying for college and preventing future debt. One factor that derailed my academic performance was the use of social media, at times I spent hours on various social media platforms instead of studying. Until I began to slowly use less social media my grades did not improve, however, by the time I was a senior I limited my time on social media and committed more time to studying. My grades improved drastically, I urge all high school students to do the same and be more concerned about your future social media can wait until one can better use

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