Negative Effects Of Media Violence On Children

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Effects of media violence on children There is a controversy that has been going on for a couple of decades that Media affects children. Whether the child plays violent games or watch violence on T.V this can affect the child to learn aggressive behavior. Most parents see their child showing violent behavior at a very young age such as preschool and are concerned but just say that the child will grow out of that their child will grow out of it. This controversy has made many researchers disagree with each other that violence influences young people, however some researchers will contend this study because of the research they have done that shows a relationship between media violence and aggressive behavior. As times passes most people …show more content…
In fictional media programs such as Superman or Batman and they stop people from robbing others, fighting and even killing people. (Vossen) These type of programs show children that doing the right thing is always rewarding, and compassion towards others, also boosting self-esteem, promotes prosocial behavior and behaviors that reduce stereotypes. (Vossen). However while these heroes are stopping the crime they are just as violent as the villains (Vossen). Children watch these heroes fight and use more violence to stop the bad guy from pursuing his evil deeds. Watching the violent programs with these heroes saving people this shows children that “Physical violence is an effective and appropriate way to solve conflicts.” (Vossen). Media violence may sometime have a good motive, but in the end only promotes aggressive behavior. Parents may not even realize or think twice about the media violence they are showing their children as bad or influential. Parents might not even notice that their children are all that aggressive. Most children hide that they drink, smoke or are sexually active from their parents. To stop violence from becoming more popular than the violence already is, we need to cut down on the media violence watching and start watching educational media programs. Try Mickey Mouse, he’s funny and doesn 't need to shoot people to become

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