Negative Effects Of Imperialism

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Old and new Imperialism is the extension of power and influence of European nations over other foreign countries by military force. Even though between 1500 and 1800, the Europeans only had influences on the Americas, by the 1800s, the Europeans were strengthened not only in their military, but also in their economy due to them being imperialists in Africa and Asia. There were five motivations that led to imperialism, exploratory, political, ideological, religious, and economic. Even though there were some benefits that were brought to the colonized countries from imperialism, the negative effects were more significant which contradicts the beliefs of Cecil Rhodes.
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For example, some of the benefits that occurred after the conquests of the Europeans were how they were able to provide the Africans with medicines and improved nutritions foods, have modern transportation such as railroads and steamships, introduce new communication tools such as telegraphs and telephones, and improved the education for a small population of Africans. This demonstrates the positive side of this imperialism because these led to increase in population, made traveling from place to place easier and faster, and providing the Africans with greater economic opportunities. Even though there were some positive effects, they don’t outweigh the negative effects for many reasons. This could be proven by the fact that due to the conquests, the Africans were forced to convert to Christianity after being informed how unreasonable their original religions were by the Europeans; the soldiers were forced to switch from their traditional uniforms to German uniforms and fight in the wars for Germany; the Europeans also demonstrates exploitation by having Africans work for long hours but paid them back with low wages, then abused them such as chopping off body parts if certain requirements wasn’t met. As a result of the Europeans’ imperialism, they took away most of the natural resources in …show more content…
By the Europeans conquering China, this led to the “Open Door Policy” which means that the United States forced China to keep the “door” of the trading routes open so the Westerners can trade with China. Even though this policy was enforced, the Chinese economy actually did increased because of these trades of goods. Just like on Africa, the effects of the European imperialism was much more negative on China than positive. This could be proven by the fact that since China was isolated from the rest of the world for a long time and enjoyed their own peaceful and advanced culture under the strong emperors, they were lack of military forces like the weapons to protect them against the European imperialism. Even though China was isolated from others, their trades routes were still open to Europe. Although the Europeans found many valuable goods that they’re interested such as manufactured goods and raw materials, their favorable balance of trade states that they can only make profit if the amount of goods that are exported are greater than the amount of good they import. Therefore according to this method, the Europeans decided to sell opium in China in order to obtain the money that they’ll use to purchase the tea. This action, even though benefitted the Europeans, has a significantly negative impact on the Chinese side. As a result of this, many Chinese people was addicted to opium

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