Watching A Horror Movie Analysis

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Films that have high levels of tension and viewer relevancy while maintaining minimum unrealism will attract those who enjoy watching horror films. On the other hand, these characteristics could be the exact reason why some do not enjoy horror films. Watching horror films has both positive and negative effects on its viewers’ mental health, thoughts, creativity, and actions and reasons for watching them or not may vary.

Some would compare it to a roller coaster ride. Heart rate increases, palms sweat, skin temperature drops several degrees, muscles tense, and blood pressure spikes as adrenaline runs through their veins while watching a horror film. Some viewers enjoy the adrenaline rush they get from watching violent entertainment. The same act of watching violent entertainment is also a way of coping with actual fears or violence. Most viewers can distinguish between possible real and unreal events in horror
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They become desensitized to having emotional responses to acts of violence and numb many intense emotions. Desensitization happens when someone’s fears are eased with constant exposure. A desensitized viewer watches a horror film keeping in mind that it’s just a movie but events similar happen all the time. They have no particular emotions linked to any events in the film and are less likely to be triggered by them. It is easy for these viewers to point out the unrealistic scenes and events in the film; they tend to think more logically. In conclusion, people watch horror films for the same reasons that others do not watch and effects can be temporary or everlasting.

Horror movies gets the heart racing while conditioning fear into its viewers’ life. Watching them could leave lingering effects such as night terrors and paranoia. However, some like watch horror films because the adrenaline rushes they get and being to face unrealistic fears. Most viewers eventually become desensitized with constant

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