Negative Effects Of Copyright Piracy

Since the dawn of time, the controversial debate on whether copyright piracy has a negative or positive effect on the entertainment industry, has been going on. Copyright piracy is "the action of duplicating, taking, or the usage of copyright material without permission" as defined by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) (ehow). Copyright piracy in the Entertainment industry ranges anywhere from illegal downloading an MP3 off a torrent website, to illegally streaming a TV show not available on Netflix or Hulu, to downloading a movie that is still showing in theaters.
The significance of copyright piracy on the entertainment industry is that the issue is still current and still affecting people to this day. Copyright piracy is happening worldwide.
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For example, one, all prequels, sequels and remakes all directly relate to studio and production houses response to copyright piracy. Copyright piracy makes the production houses and studios make less adventures choices therefore they rely on the choices they know will get them money. Second, long term movies and TV shows will not be made. When the consumer continues to pirate shows and movies, it makes it impossible for the studios to have money to spend on numerous seasons or sequels. Third, roughly about 90 percent of all movies downloaded and streamed illegally were recorded using camcorders in theaters. Fourthly, if a film is leaked before its release date, then the studio and box office loses 19 percent of the revenue they would have obtained if the movie were not leaked. Fifth, studies show that the cause of the collapse of the record industry from 1998 to 2003 was because of file sharing. Sixth, MPAA, Motion Picture Association of America, roughly concluded that $16 billion of revenue is lost yearly to copyright of film, music, software and video. Lastly, NBC did a study where they removed all their materials off from iTunes. This resulted in an increase of piracy by 11.4 …show more content…
The community represents the consumers of the entertainment industry. The consumers are the most important part but, just as copyright piracy negatively impacts the industry, it is the same deal for the consumers; copyright piracy negatively impacts them as well. For example, 1/3 of all copyright pirated and torrent websites are linked to harmful viruses and other malware. (Blank 3) The prices for things, such as movies and CDs, are higher education because they are needed to be made up for the lost revenue. (Blank 9) Also the demand for the material lowers but therefore the sale of the material also goes down. Copyright piracy shrinks profit so for people who buy copyrights for music and movies, they face loss. And last but not least, the tax department also is effected. Since piracy equals free merchandise and tax cannot be put on free things, the tax department loses

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