Study Scotland: My Role Model Nephitearya

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Study Scotland
My role model Nephitearya Bailey whos this ? explain has always told me “Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.” When most people think about study abroad, they are worried about cost, being away from family, and how it might slow down their academic career. While all these fears are rational and should be thought through, Nephitearya would consider them potholes- things to get over, or something that shouldn't stop you from going on your journey. When I think about traveling abroad I picture myself in Scotland with the castles, ceilidh and kilts. Studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland has many social, cultural, and educational benefits as well as being cost efficient and in the middle of one of the
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We study history books and we read the news. We make judgments about countries across the ocean but until you go abroad and talk to the local people you will never really understand what they go through. Studying abroad opens many students eyes and allows them to realize what they actually want to do with their life. Nephitearya Bailey was never too keen on theater when she was in America, but when she was abroad in England she took a theater class. Nephitearya fell in love with costume and set design. She was required to go to 10 plays while in England, but she went over and beyond. She ended up attended around 40 plays during the short time she spent in England. When she returned to America, she considered switching majors to become a theater major, but she had already started towards her licensure. Bailey considered becoming a theater teacher but strayed away due to the knowledge that art teachers are the first to go if economics head down hill. Bailey claims that while she was abroad in Ghana, she had a feeling that teaching wasn't for her. However, she was already so committed to her history degree and teaching licensure that she kept with it. After Bailey graduated from Meredith College she taught at Millbrook High School for 8 unhappy years. Upon leaving that job, she went to work for Girl Scouts North Carolina Coastal Pines. Bailey is grateful for her experiences abroad, claiming they opened her eyes …show more content…
Scotland has many festivals throughout the year. The one I found most interesting is the annual Scottish Learning Festival. An article from Sage Journals explains, “The festival brings together exhibits and programs from schools across Scotland and, in a very Scottish way, recognizes and celebrates a wide variety of interesting programs and practices across the country. Several thousand people come from all over the country to take part, including students of all ages who come to show off their schools' accomplishments”. A good friend who lives in Scotland, Rebecca Rooney, described the festival as “a huge science fair with loads of Ted Talks. The Annual Learning Festival is one of the most eye opening places. As an educator, it is a great place to brainstorm with other educators and make connections.” Students from all around the country get recognized for their accomplishments. Educators also get to come to a 100% free festival to make connections and get new ideas to improve their classroom. I wish America dedicated this much into our

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