Essay about Need For The Program Programs

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Need for The Program There are many programs that exist to better assist adolescents in communicating effectively. This program will provide education to adolescents how to communicate effectively with family members, peers, and community leaders as well as building trust to sustain those relationships. As well had providing information to their families on how they can support the adolescent through this process such as being transparent and actively listening to the adolescent. This program will place an emphasis on parent and child relationship building with hands on activities such as; workshops, role playing and through artistic expression. This allows the adolescent to engage with their families in a different form other than verbal communication. This program will allow them to open up in a more creative way. A need exists to help strengthen adolescent and parent relationships. Additionally, allowing adolescents to gain trust and sustain healthy relationships with peers and community leaders. This program will provide a place where adolescents feel comfortable and are able to communicate openly and build that interpersonal trust. Szcześniak, Colaço, & Rondón (2012) “If the adults are not capable of creating such an environment, characterized by the positive quality of immature reliant security, the children cannot develop their trust in their parents and, consequently, have difficulty achieving the stage of growing independent security and, finally, mature…

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