Essay on Nba General Manager Of A Nba Team

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NBA General Manager One of the dream jobs of many people who love basketball is to be the general manager of a NBA team. The general manager position is the captain of the ship as it puts together the team roster and has to make the executive decisions of trades and other financial transactions. The general manager also hires and fires the coaching staff. The only person the general manager answers to is the owner of the team. A general manager’s success is determined by how well the team progressed throughout the season. A NBA general manager has to keep team morale up and make sure every player’s needs and wants are met. General Managers are also the public face of the team. Some great general managers include Danny Aigne, R.C. Buford, Sam Presti, and Mitch Kupchack. General Managers also draft players and handle free agents and contracts. The salary for a GM varies around $1-3 million. A general manager’s hours varies as it takes up most of their time. General Managers typically work all types of seasons. Effective General Managers surround themselves with a good strong staff to help make all or most important decisions and the staff also makes sure they has information needed to make the decision. General Managers spend time in meetings and public events, especially when promoting business partnerships or negotiating to build new team facilities.
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