Nature And Nature Of Nature Essay

1041 Words Mar 29th, 2016 null Page
Man and nature are indispensable to each other. It is man’s responsibility to endure and enrich the world around us, but in order to do that you must first be able to respect and protect the nature around us. In order for man to respect and protect nature man must focus on nature conservation, the biodiversity, as well as being able to appreciate the fundamental needs that nature has to offer man. Nature is something that man tend to take for granted, but nature is a huge part of our everyday survival. . When humans refer to nature, they mean the natural world and everything around it. Humans are part of nature and interact constantly with it in many ways Man is constantly reminded of the impact that nature has on the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and the food that we eat. So it is important for man to do its best to keep earth alive. We must believe that if we lose the image of life, we lose ourselves. Man must always focus on conserving nature. Being able to respect and protect nature man must first start by protecting the health of the land. Humans must produce less waste. Always remember to reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce the amount of paper and products that you use. Man should attempt to reuse things such as, bags and batteries. Man should learn to plant trees instead of cutting them down. Trees are a huge part of the environment and it is a huge part of our oxygen supply. Man should not continue to get rid of something that we rely abundantly on.…

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