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Natural Ice Cream The ice cream parlour which began as a small initiative in 1984 stands in 2006 as an entity with profitability as high as Rs 1.4 crore and with determination to double it in the subsequent financial year. Mr. R. S. Kamath is the brainchild of one of Mumbai’s best known ice cream brands – the Natural Ice cream. Since its inception the company has managed to build its equity purely through word-of-mouth.

Natural ice cream has gained the reputation as being the most sought after ice cream parlours in Mumbai especially among the young people. It enjoys a very substantial footfall at its outlets, making thus evident the facility and service orientation applied to it. Natural ice cream as a company has been registering a
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It however does not have a distributor network in place and even to places like Pune, Nasik and Ahmedabad it delivers through its ice cream factory at C harkop. In 2006 it was voted as one of the Top ice creams at the 2nd Consumer Reaction Award conducted by Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management Studies and Research & DNA.

The philosophy of Naturals is to find the purest and the finest ingredients and craft them into ice cream. It is a way of doing business that is as much demanding as it is

uncommon. This is the reason why Natural ice cream epitomizes as the finest ice creams of India.

Challenges faced

The journey to a strong market holding was not a smooth sailing one. The process of producing traditional Indian ice cream was not only slow but also laborious and had to be done manually, which meant maintaining the consistency in taste was a huge challenge. It also had to be made in batches to ensure that it is fresh. To resolve this issue Kamath began seeking equipments which would not only make the traditional ice cream but also enhance productivity and ensure quality. Hence he approached a Dairy technologist who educated him on efficiency, bacterial quality, hygiene and consistency. Gradually he custom- made, developed and adopted equipments like mechanical churners to improve efficiency. He also faced

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