Native American Culture - Original Writing Essay

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Native American culture had always intrigued me, even more so when I discovered my grandma was involved in it. My family doesn’t see my grandma often; she lives about four hours south, and it’s usually a one time a year occurrence. Last year my family and I went to visit her. When we got to her house, she was huddled around a group of her great grandchildren in the living room and was telling a story. She was a great storyteller, for she was a part of a time when stories were passed down verbally rather than written. This story, in particular, was about her grandmother, who walked the Trail Of Tears in 1839. When my sister and I sat in front of her, she was discussing the beauty and liveliness of the Cherokee tribe and how they tried to work with the white settlers. However, to no avail, they were dragged away in the end. Native Americans have been stereotyped as uncivilized, nonreligious and inferior (land), to solve this problem we must educate ourselves to see them how they honestly were, rather than how most of history saw them.
The first problem associated with the Native Americans is the thought that they weren’t civilized before the Europeans came over. Which isn’t the case at all, the Indians were civilized; their cultures were just different from those of Europeans. The Cherokee, in particular, were very socially and culturally advanced, but the Europeans still saw them inadequate because their way of life didn’t match that of the Europeans. The strong traditions…

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