National Strength And Conditioning Association For The Olympic Games

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Fitness training dated all the way back to the ancient Greeks who trained athletes for the Olympic Games which was originally started in 776 B.C. Although, personal training as a career did not start until the 1900’s by a man people called the “Father of Modern Fitness” named Jack Lalanne. Lalanne motivated many Americans through his television show and at his local gyms, Bally Gyms, to be involved in daily exercise as preventative medicine. Eighty years later personal training became very popular. The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) did not create the first certification until 1996. “The value of fitness and having a fitness leader to drive you toward your goals is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. However, its modern popularity is a part of society that you can see throughout history.”(Michael Gauthier). In the 70’s the majority of the population was in better health, physically, than people today. In the past you didn 't see many vehicles or fast food restaurants. The outlook of personal training has increased by twenty four percent since 2010. Personal training is a growing and competitive profession and will always be a part of American culture.


Honestly, I believed that personal fitness trainers got paid to work out all day and demand almost impossible workouts to their clients. On top of this, society and media (myself included) have portrayed personal trainers as “sculpted, empty-headed…

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