National Housing Design Essay

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1. Changes in public housing designs
In response and adaptation to the dynamic pace of physical and socio-economic development in the country, changes to housing design and density has been introduced and implemented over the years in the National Housing Program. These include changes from low to high density housing (4 units per acre to 12 units per acre) and introduction of semi-detached and terrace houses. Land allocated to eligible applicants has been reduced from two acres in the 1950’s to 0.08 - 0.125 acres in the present scheme. The housing program of 2007-2012 has embarked on a shift from detached houses to mix housing types that include semi-detached to terrace house. In 2014, a new design was introduced in public housing in the
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Public housing provision has transformed from a resettlement program for the Kampong Ayer residents to the national housing scheme, as it is known today. There are varying paradigm shifts that happened over the years. The resettlement from river dwelling to land was the foundation of the national housing programs. Although the government was not able to encourage the Kampong Ayer residents to actively pursue agriculture, its aim to reduce the overcrowding situation was successful which provided a healthier environment for the residents. The integration of the national housing programs created a more streamlined and equitable scheme. Changes in the public housing designs are an inevitable concept in public housing which makes public housing provision faster and less expensive but not necessarily financially efficient. The future of public housing lies in the establishment of ‘vertical housing’, which is less costly and more efficient as practiced in other countries. Last but not the least, there is great fear of the diminishing Kampong Ayer residents as a result of the national housing programs. Such concerns can bring about other options for the future of national housing for example ‘landless

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