Narrative Theory Empowerment

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Narrative Theory
The first presentation I viewed spoke about Narrative theory and Empowerment. The group highlight the principles of Narrative Theory, one of which was the social workers ability to help the client reframe messages that have been internalized by the client. The group spoke about altering these messages so that the client can view their environment and experiences in a more positive light.
Cognitive Theory
The second presentation focused on Cognitive Theory. The therapist in this theory address the negative thought process of the client and through ongoing assessment, as well as exercises that help the client alter their thought processes. The client in theory learns to engage alternative thoughts and assess the real meanings behind their negative thoughts and behaviors.
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The presentation described several key concepts including fight and flight and coping concepts. Coping concepts were described and can be either positive or negative. A strength of Crisis Theory is the ability for it to be highly adaptable to various situations, while a limitation described was that of its short time

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