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A houseman carries out general duties in a home or hotel. His duties can be broad andgeneral like handling minor maintenance issues to cleaning up after banquets and other largegatherings. A houseman’s duties are essentially, a combination of small jobs that performed asneeded by his employers.

FOOD & BEVERAGE PERSONNEL:Restaurant Management

Restaurant managers ensure that restaurants operate efficiently and profitably whilemaintaining their reputation and ethos. They must coordinate a variety of activities, whatever thesize or type of the outlet. Managers are responsible for the business performance of
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Waitress / Waiter

Serves patrons at banquets, special functions, or during normal daily dining roomoperations. Takes food and beverage orders from patrons, answers questions regarding prices,substitutions, quality or quantity of menu items, and availability of menu items. Delivers foodand beverages to tables; waits on tables to insure that patrons are supplied with beverage refillsor clean utensils when desired. Removes dishes and utensils; cleans and dusts tables and chairs;fills sugar, salt, and pepper containers; sweeps floors. Assists in setting up and taking downtables and chairs; places clean utensils and napkins on tables. Assists in setting up for banquetsor special functions. Performs related work as required.


Bartenders prepare and serve drinks to customers in bars and restaurants. Bartenders prepare standard mixed drinks and pour wine and beer. They also prepare mixed drinks to matchcustomers? specific orders. Most bartenders know dozens of drink recipes. They must be able to prepare drinks quickly, accurately, and without waste. Some large restaurants use machines thatcreate drinks. Bartenders that use these machines just push a button. However, they must knowhow to prepare drinks in case the machine breaks. In most bars and many restaurants, bartenderstake orders directly from customers. However, in some places they receive drink orders fromwaiters and waitresses. In

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