Personal Narrative: The Year Is Two-Thousand-Six

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"The year is two-thousand-six"
That one simple sentence brings me back to my first grade class when I was only seven years old, where we said the date aloud every single day. The year 2006 sits as a blemish in my life however, as a memory that will not go away no matter how hard I try to forget it. The year marked many firsts for me, it was the year I board my first airplane, the year I lost my first tooth, and unfortunately, the all-too early loss of my childhood innocence.
For my entire childhood I lived with my mother in a very nice neighborhood that was going through a transitional phrase- people of lower economic measures were gradually moving in, and my mother and I were just a couple of those people. We lived in a very modest house
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What woke me instead was the freezing feeling traveling across my whole body, seemingly biting into me from the air. I was really cold. And when I opened my eyes I saw stars. I was in the woods. Immediately I got up crying, screaming for my mom hoping she would come to my rescue. But after it became clear she was not around to help me, I sat up, and tried to figure out what was going on.
There was a deflated swimming pool lying a few feet in front of me. One of those kiddy pools that can only hold about a foot of water, and even to my young mind, looked boring and babyish. It was dirty, yet mostly dry except for the remains of rain water, and it hadn 't rained for several days at that point.
I stood up to begin my journey back, and I instinctively turned around hoping to go back in the direction I came from, which hopefully; would be my warm, cozy, home.
However; I didn 't recognize the area. I played in the woods near my house all the time; these were not my woods. Nonetheless, I began my journey home. I took one step forward and immediately felt a sharp pain in my bare foot. It was a thorn. Stepping back, I could see that they surrounded my safe patch of grass on all four sides. I inspected my other foot only to see that it was unharmed, and as a matter of fact, I didn 't have another scratch on me. I wasn 't even

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