Narrative Essay: The Longest Day Of My Life

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Have you ever stepped out onto the sidewalk during the summer without shoes on, and you burn your feet? Well, that is what it was like sleeping on the ground in the middle of nowhere without any shade. My entire body seemed to burning. My shaking hands lifted my aching body from the dirt. My skin was no longer this pale color, but instead was as red as a lobster. There was also dirt covering every part of my body. How it got up my pants? I have no clue, but it was rubbing my skin the wrong way. My eyes traveled to the two large bite marks on my right arm, and my left leg. The blood had congealed, but the dirt was creating this yellow tint around the marks. I tear off the sleeves of my t-shirt, and wrap them around the marks. I start walking …show more content…
“I left yesterday, but it has been the longest day of my life.”
“These are infected. We need to get him back to the camp.” Cyrus lifts me over his shoulder.
“What are you doing?” I shout, thrashing around in his arms.
“We need to make sure you don’t get away. You are the answer to our problems.” Luna responds with this nonchalant tone.
Great, I had been mauled by dogs, burnt to a crisp, and I was now being held captive. Yeah, if I could’ve seen the future I would have never climbed that wall. I could be eating cereal, and beating my high score on Tetris. Instead I had a man that smelt of body odor carrying me to his lair. Zeus was behind me talking my head off about how the world was before the wall was put up.
“I used to be a track star. I was supposed to go to the Olympics.”
“Zeus, he doesn’t want to hear about your life. Focus on keeping the critters away from us. I don’t need another snake in our camp.” Luna growls.
Luna was the leader of the group, and she knew how to boss people around. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of this girl. She could tear my throat out with her bare
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Now, come here. I need to clean your wound.” Luna walks me over to this cabinet. She pulls out some alcohol that was sure to burn my cuts. I look down at my torn up jeans while she cleans the wounds. I hiss at the pain, but try to look manly. Luna was beautiful, and I didn’t need her to think of me as some wimp. I also didn’t need to make myself look like a wimp when I made myself the hero of my city.
Once dinner is cooked, Cyrus tells us stories around the fire. They mainly consist of ghosts, but they aren’t too scary. Luna sits across from me, and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful her plump lips were. She had this weird laugh that sounded like a walrus making mating calls.
“Bryant, are you up for sharing a bed?” Zeus asks, looking at the three mattresses.
“Sure, I can sleep with anyone.” I shrug, taking off my shirt.
“You are going to want to keep that on. Spider bites are not fun.” Cyrus whispers softly into my ear. I groan sliding back on my shirt. I get into bed with Zeus.
“Can I hold you?” Zeus asks with a small giggle.
“No, I’m…” Zeus squeals, throwing his arms around me. He holds me in this bone crushing hug for a few seconds then his snores erupt loudly into my ear. I close my eyes deciding that sleep was the only way out of this mess. Tomorrow I was going to find myself a bed to sleep on. I was not about to sleep with bone crusher for the next few

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