Narrative Essay On Weightlifting

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Life can be a struggle at times, when we come out on top it always finds a way to bring us back down. I often found myself pondering about what I could do to just feel like I'm above it all the stress, insecurities and self-loathing. The answer was picking up really heavy pieces of metal and putting it back down and I'm not referring to being a crane operator but to weightlifting. I learned how to weight lift to put it simply but in actuality it became more than just a learning experience in the end. Pushing me to the breaking point is one of the most fulfilling aspects of weightlifting that I grew very familiar with. Every time I finish a workout I'm left with a sense of fulfillment and empowerment. What began as a small step in an unknown direction slowly evolved into a passion. My first time ever crossing paths with weight training equipment was my sophomore year of high school. I was reluctant to join the weight training class because of how out place I was going to feel. I felt very insecure about my physical abilities which made it a challenge for me to get adjusted to my new environment that revolved around. There was a vast assortment of benches, squat cages and …show more content…
I learned stress and anger are expelled with every slow repetition of the weights. The barbell was my now my new stress ball that actually worked. Anytime I felt angry enough to punch a wall or yell at someone, I would bottle those feelings up and let them wreak havoc in the weight room instead of on other people. I learned each rep not only made me stronger physically but it also fortified me mentally. Both my stress and frustration went way down, while my none existent confidence skyrocketed. The empowerment I felt after a session of weight lifting would translate to any obstacle that would come my way. My new found confidence allowed me to feel more comfortable around strangers instead of turning into nervous

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