Narrative Essay On The Peasant Knight

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The Peasant Knight It was a Cold Dark night in Alnwick Castle as I was preparing to fall into a deep slumber. When I heard a noise outside, I investigated and found that it was a horse; I have never seen this horse before it looked like it had been well taken care of. I was intrigued by how friendly it was, it was as if the horse was mine. I decided to leave the horse alone and walk back into the castle as it was midnight and I was tired. The next morning I woke up and went outside again to see if the horse was still there, the horse was gone. In the morning we gathered as usual for breakfast that consisted of beef, anchovies and Wine. After we have ate our breakfast me, my wife and two kids went to church. There is only one Catholic …show more content…
There is a gang named the Black Ants they terrorized the northern part of the castle and have been a problem for years. I decided to take this in to my own hands and take their leader down. I scoped out them out and planned for weeks before executing my big plan. The second week of winter I started my big plan. It wasn’t much of a challenge to get through the area as I wasn’t known for anything just a peasant. Once I was at the manor where the Gang leader lived I asked to speak with him as it was urgent, I told them the knights were planning to take him down and raid his manor. He didn’t believe me which made me glad as he would tighten his defense. When I was in the manor I did see some places to sneak in and easily kill the leader in his sleep. Day two of my plan I decided to go through a window that had vines leading up to it around an hour after midnight as the night went on more guards fell asleep. I walked around the side of the manor to the side where the vines were. I looked around to make sure I was alone and began to climb the vines. Once I was in the manor the room was dark but the hallway was lit up with many candles I had to decide. I heard footsteps creaking toward the room I was in, I drawn my sword and got ready for them to pass. The gang member passed and I came behind them and stuck my sword through his back penetrating his armor, I quickly covered his mouth so no one would hear his

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