Narrative Essay On The Accident In My Life

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On June 25th, 2009, I was riding front passenger while my mom drove her red Ford Escape down Highway 111. All of sudden a another vehicle speeds up on the left of us while at the same time my mom change into the left lane. Trying to avoid our vehicle, the car spun out and rolled over. My mom briefly lost control, but manage pull over to the side. While the accident was non collision the car and my young mind were hardly unscathed. It was a weird day from the very beginning, my mom announced out the nowhere that me and two brothers were going to the movies to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at the Rancho 16 which I found strange because I didn 't think I deserve such a rare treat. Before my mother and I left for the afternoon showing …show more content…
Then they come into view mom showing officer the damage to the windshield. That made him write furiously in the notebook taking in every detail. Another Officer came by and took pictures. About an hour after the accident. Mom came and told if that I could go outside, confirming my suspicion that I could I left the Escape the entire time. I had suffered in vain. About an hour and half after the accident were given the go ahead that we could leave. We didn’t go to the movies.
After the accident, I develop a driving phobia and amaxophobia. When the time came for me to legally obtain a learner 's permit. I didn’t even consider it. When my mom or dad would drive my heart rate would increase every time we passed a vehicle at an intersection or when they suddenly cut in front of us.
Eventually we did see Transformers and it suck. The damages to the Ford Escape we 're fix only to have it be rear ended by a truck in October. Now we have a white Honda Pilot. The cause of accident was revealed to be caused by both parties; the SUV tried to speed past my mother even though her turn signal were on yet mom failed to check her blind spot. Even though I have overcome my amaxophobia I still have reserves about driving especially on the Highway which I have only driven on once in all my nineteen

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