Narrative Essay On A Pool Day

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Pool Party in a Sunday Dress It was fifth grade my family and I moved to the other side of town, which meant a new school district. My year started out wrong coming from a rival school, within the first month I had my first fight. At my first school we had assigned seats on the bus. The new school did not but I found out the hard way. I decided to sit near the front by the bus driver when a girl three times my weight approached me.
“Get out of my seat!” she yelled. I looked up to see if there was a name anywhere near the window. So I honestly responded, “I don’t see any names on the window. The bus driver said I could sit anywhere.” All the other kids who heard began to make booing noises that the driver told everyone to calm down and take a seat. The girl
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My friend and I still have our jokes about that day. I did eventually get rid of that dress as soon as I could. I now look back to that day as an experience I needed in life because I taught myself how to swim. I made new friends and I got by for the rest of the school year. I also learned every moment in life funny or not is a new lesson ready to be learned. Alex, who was the quiet one and didn’t like to get in trouble, was actually the first one of the three who learned how to swim. My fear of water took a few years to go away but on the side I tried to practice every time I could. Alex was took the time to show me his “new swim tricks” which I referred to as survival skills. Ricardo took a while to stop being upset with me. He said I embarrassed him for some reason.
Though I have other memories this one stands out the most because it was not the first time I had moved. Before the rival school I had started my earlier school years in a whole different state. I always wondered why it was more difficult this second time. My first transfer was the opposite experience. I was greeted and made friends in class and out of class the first semester. I guess I will never

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