Narrative Essay And Aspects Of Double Standards In Society

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Narrative Essay

Every individual has certain identities that help make him or her particularly unique to society. As for me, there are a few identities that I find essential to my self-construction. Being born in another country, I was raised differently than many of the people around me. I did not grow up with luxurious things nor did I have everything I wanted throughout my childhood; however, I would not want to change the lifestyle I grew up with. My family lived in a small town in which poverty was common amongst the people who inhabited the area. Many struggle to find a decent job in order to provide their spouses with proper food, clothing, and shelter. As a little child, I was not able to obtain a lot of resources as many of the kids
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For example, there were certain rules I had to oblige by. Being labeled was another factor that played into different gender roles. There are a plethora of names in which could be used to describe a female’s behavior. Nonetheless, it was easier to slap a title in my face if I did not follow society’s perspective of innocence. For instance, a man who has multiple sex partners would not get penalized as much as a female would for it. This is also known as double standards in society. Getting degraded for certain characteristics such as intelligence, physical abilities, and appearance was also something I had to overcome. Playing soccer throughout my high school years made me realize that women were viewed as incapable of playing as well as men and lacked the strength of being dominant in a particular position. That, however, did not stop me from playing to my full potential. As for mental abilities, I was always looked upon as being less intelligent or having lesser knowledge than the male gender since men tend to dominate the higher paying jobs in today’s society. Being a woman, I am faced with many obstacles in life but these obstacles helped me strengthen myself as an …show more content…
My socioeconomic status would be one of them because it was challenging to admit that I was not as financially stable as some of the people around me. Moving to a different country and having to adapt to a new atmosphere was definitely not an easy obstacle to overcome. Money was always a problem but I chose not to mention it to anyone because I was afraid of other peoples’ opinions and judgments. Unlike my socioeconomic status, my ethnicity was something a majority of people already knew because it was obvious to tell through my appearance. Since I grew up around diverse cultures, I was not ashamed to express my ethnicity. A situation where I would show my ethnicity would be at home because everyone that lived in the same house as me shared the same ethnicity. For instance, people outside of home would not understand me if I spoke to them in a different language. As for my religion, I would not have a problem pronouncing it to my friends but I would not voice it to a higher authority or someone older than me because I was much more comfortable around those in my age group. Lastly, my feminine gender is something that I have pronounced throughout my life because I was not ashamed to show others what I am capable of doing as a

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