Personal Narrative: I M Nothing Special?

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“I’m nothing special, in fact i'm a bit of a bore” these lyrics are the ones that came screeching out of my throat as I hastily clean the kitchen in my tiny apartment in Dublin City. Cillian, my best friend was on his was to my apartment after visiting my brother hospital, he’s done this every Friday since Simon was sent to hospital. This has become the routine over the past two weeks for me, walk home from college, do some work and wait for him to arrive so I could make dinner and watch Netflix until we couldn't keep our eyes open. I phoned Cillian This morning, when we agreed on ordering pizza, he was now 30 minutes late and I was getting impatient. My phone was clutched in my hand, ready to call him, when I heard a knock on my door, i …show more content…
My eyelids were beginning to get droopy and my body felt heavy as Cillian quietly rose from the couch and went into my bedroom. He emerged holding two blankets, switched off the lights, and covered us both with them. The last thing I remember was the muffled voices on the television before sleep took over my body.

I awoke to the glare of sunlight coming through the thin blinds. Cillian remained asleep with his legs haphazardly thrown on top of mine, i gently got up and tried my best not to wake him, knowing it was sure to be early in the morning. I always wake up early, this is because my college classes begin at 7:30 in the morning so I'm free to do work in the afternoon. A huge breath of relief left my body , realising that it was Saturday, and that I had the day off. Most people would spend the day relaxing and drinking coffee (of course that’s what i'd love to be doing) but things never go how I want them to. Even though I had assured Cillian many times that i was fine with working so much, that was just another factor in me was just hiding the fact that i was falling behind in my classes. My ‘rest days’ were used wisely, catching up on missed homework and projects that were due in a few days time. There wasn't a second of the week when I wasn't at work or studying, except Friday evening, and it was beginning to take a toll on

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