Narrative Essay On Pesticide

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Day 1:
We gave the pesticide a name, Katil Su. It's been 14 hours since me and my group moved out of Istanbul and the CDC announced the destruction of the world. They said that all the seas, oceans, rivers and lake are undrinkable due to pesticides from years ago that spread everywhere without being detected. Kyle, Hayden and Jared are the last friends I have on the earth and us being in the same group makes things much simpler. Along the way we have been building a mass number of members in case we run into any situations... We’re hoping to walk near the Black Sea all the way up to the Caucasus Mountains then walk around, but beside them for shelter at nights all the way until we get to the Caspian Sea. From there we will head south to the
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There were no tracks leading away from camp except to Jareds tent, but we already looked and there was nothing there... We didn’t pay much attention to it since we had already had a rough night with our meal, all we had was cans of fruit and a couple bottles of water to feed 180 people. Jared came up with a great idea to get some more clean water instead of boiling the lake water a couple times we could lay out bottles and buckets when it rains even though it’s not to common. As I am writing this we are headed to the end of the Black Sea and while I was talking to Jared not to long ago he told me he would find us some meat tonight! I am stoked yet afraid of what he will find since most animals are full of pesticide water. One of our members found some fish laying on the shore and tried to cook it, but there was just too much contamination and now we are carrying a sick. We are searching for gas in cars to maybe get a couple RVs going for a few miles and any type of hospital or school hoping to gather …show more content…
Yesterday Jared killed Hayden. I am not for certain but the way things played out all the clues point to Jared. It was a cool afternoon when Hayden was asked to be seen in Jared’s tent and Jared had a real serious face which was not very normal. Everyone was minding there own business most of the day, but I was supposed to go search for non-contaminated vegetation with Hayden so I was waiting for him to be done with Jared. He never came out,then again I only waited half an hour. I ended up going alone thinking that they were talking about some serious stuff. I walked the edge of the lake back and forth and side to side yet I couldn’t find anything for miles.. I came back to camp after about 3hrs and I was very curious what Jared had said to him, but he was nowhere to be found… That night we did have meat like he said and it didn’t taste like anything I’ve had before. Jared said it was a new recipe and I wondered where Hayden

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