Narrative Essay About Hook Up

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It was a Saturday night and it was one of my friend’s big birthday party at her house. She invited so many people, word got around town and more and more people began showing up. It was crazy! There were people dancing everywhere, drinking, playing beer pong, if you can think of it people were doing it. Now I came with a couple of friends and one of them especially was the extra wild one that night. I don’t know if the drinks went to her head or if she just didn’t care anymore because next thing you know I see her making out with some dude that I’ve never seen before. Me and another girl that I came with being the concerning friends, we are of course went over to her and interrupted her little kissing session wondering what she was thinking. She said she knew the guy and walked away with him and went upstairs. We were happy friends, but also concerned friends at the same time. I ended up sleeping on the couch and waking up to everyone passed out everywhere, kitchen table, floor, stairs all around the house and then here came my friend down the stairs smiling. It was her first hookup and she loved it. …show more content…
It’s mostly done by college students, but many adults participate in this act. Personally hooking up is a simpleminded thing to do. Though hooking up is usually a one-time thing, many people often do it again with the same person thinking nothing about it. At times people can catch feelings, whether they want to or not. That is usually what happens when people have sex with each other. If you can find a person who you can just have sex with and have no feelings involved then kudos to you. I think that if you can find somebody and stick with them forever then do that, nothing is better knowing that that one person is just for you and don’t have to worry about them messing with anyone

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